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Decorative Meerschaum Carvings

Although pipes are what meerschaum is most widely known, Sinan enjoys using his meerschaum carving skills to carve a variety of other decorative objects like eggs, keepsake boxes and thimbles. He uses the same traditional Turkish motifs to decorate these one of a kind collectables. Sinan has found many creative and ingenious ways to apply his carving talents to a wide range of meerschaum items. Salt and pepper shakers, cigarette holders and candle snuffers are just a few more of the interesting creations he has come up with.

One of the popular collectables that Sinan carves are the eggs. These eggs are about the size of a chicken egg with the surface is embellished with carved motifs. . Sinan's eggs will make a unique addition to any egg collection.

Boxes with fitted lids come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for that small keepsake. Everything from rings, a baby's first lock of hair or any other small treasure. Use your imagination. Or they can just be a great conversation piece or gift. Or maybe use one of his boxes to store store tobacco for your pipe. The highly absorbent nature of meerschaum not only makes it a perfect pipe material but also a perfect container for jewelry, salt and pepper.

Beautifully decorated bottle stoppers are a perfect accessory for your fine liquors or wines. A beautiful and functional accessory while entertaining. You can also use them in your kitchen oil or vinegar bottles.

Thimble collectors love Sinan's thimbles. They are a functional and unique gift for the sewing enthusiast. Thanks to our wonderful clients, product development has been very enjoyable. Based on requests, Sinan developed thimbles in their special boxes, a matching set that appeals to the collectors. He has been working to develop collectible buttons. Sinan enjoys a challenge and has even made some complete meerschaum sewing kits.

Jewelry is another example of Sinan's creative ideas. His most popular jewelry pieces are block meerschaum remnants left over from carving out the block meerschaum to form a pipe. Some necklaces are small carved beads (No meerschaum is wasted in Sinan's shop), some are delicately carved amulets from the finest unfinished meerschaum showing the natural beauty of the stone.

Because Sinan has such a wide variety of creative applications the best way to see it all is at the annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival in Madison, Wisconsin. Mark your calendars because once a year, we bring out our entire inventory of hundreds of Meerschaum carvings. Your only chance to see, touch and compare it all in one place. The Festival takes place the first Saturday in December every year. Just in time for Christmas shopping!

Nazan at the Annual Madison Holiday Fair Trade Festival at Monona Terrace held the first Saturday of December.