meerschaum pipes hand carved by Sinan Atilla

Meerschaum Pipes

hand carved meerschaum pipe with amber stem

Meerschaum, the Finest Pipe Material

Meerschaum is used to make the some of the finest a pipes in the world. "Block" meerschaum is the raw material that Sinan uses to carve all his pipes. Most of Sinan's pipes come with a custom fitted carry case and are signed by Sinan.

Meerschaum is a German name for the mineral sepiolite. A mineral that is mined in central Turkey. The lightweight and porous material absorbs moisture and tobacco tar into the stone. Over time the white stone turns a darker brown as you smoke it. That lovely reddish brown giving the pipes a very desirable patina as it is smoked, adding more and more character as it is used.

photo of raw meerschaum, an excellent raw material for making fine pipes

Meerschaum is lightweight porous material so it is also a good insulator to keep the pipe cooler in your hands while you smoke. The look and feel makes a meerschaum pipe is a pleasure to smoke.

Most pipes come with a custom fitted custom carry case to protect your investment. The pipes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The pipes are all a unique work of art. Sinan starts with a raw piece of meerschaum and cuts away at the stones imperfections. The stone is often what determines the final shape of the pipe. Once the shape has been roughed out by Sinan he starts shaping and finally carvings the decoration into the pipe. Sinan also hand carves the stems from animal horn to get the perfect look and feel with each pipe.

No two pipes of Sinan's are alike. Each pipe is a work of art with unique character.

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Meerschaum Bazaar

Shop in person at the Fair Trade Festival in Madison, Wisconsin at Monona Terrace Each December.

meerschaum pipe with custom fitted case

Most pipes include a custom fitted carry case for protection when carrying and storing these wonderful pipes

all of Sinans hand carved pipes are unique works of art

Sinan prides himself in making each pipe a unique work of art. Owning a pipe carved by Sinan is owning a one of a kind creation.

 pipe with hand carved horn stem

To Shop for Sinan's Meerschaum pipes visit our Etsy Store Meerschaum Bazaar

Watch Sinan as he carves a pipe