meerschaum carvings of pipes, eggs, keepsake boxes and thimbles
meerschaum artist Sinan Atilla from Istanbul, Turkey

Meerschaum carvings by Sinan Atilla

Welcome to Turkish Tulip, the home for genuine meerschaum Turkish art hand carved by Sinan Atilla in Istanbul including meerschaum pipes, carved eggs, thimbles, and keepsake boxes. Turkish Tulip is located in Madison, Wisconsin. We are the exlusive United States suppliers of Sinan Atilla's exquisite hand carved work.

meerschaum photo

What is Meerschaum?

Meerschaum is a German word describing this soft mineral, which literally means sea foam inspired by its white color and light weight. The highest quality stone is mined in the plains of Eskisehir, Turkey. Meerschaum is soft and chalk-like when mined. Shaping and carving is done during this soft stage and followed by a slow drying process. For a final touch, Sinan uses a unique polishing technique. The polish consists of quality ingredients including pure beeswax to give his carvings a beautiful ivory color to this otherwise white stone."